Development / October 2020

Route Fifty

Route Fifty is a Caffeina R&D project conceived to experiment with the creative process of an interactive game. It is meant to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landing on the Moon and the strength and determination shown by Michael Collins during his incredible endeavour.

One of the most important achievements of this R&D project has been to test the possibility of working on a single project that can be delivered on many different platforms. By meticulously working on the optimization, we stripped all the shaders, used many best-practices from games such as object pooling and a single texture atlas through all the assets to create a minimal effort on draw-calls. we decided to keep a unique color palette texture for all the assets (with huge improvements on download size and draw calls), mapping the UVs of each model on it and shading everything with a Matcap custom shader. All those tricks helped us to gain the best performances even on low-end mobile devices.

Thanks to this, with one project we have been able to deliver the browser experience both on desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, we also worked on PWA support and being able to export an APK that can be distributed through the Android Play Store. In addition, you can explore real-time stats.You can read more technical detail in this beautiful article by Guido Ponzini.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”— Neil Armstrong