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Development / October 2020

This is a Figma Plugin that allows you to export a SCSS file with the styles of certain nodes, very useful for design systems and ui-kit.

You can install it directly from figma at this link.

This plugin is also open source and you can find more information on Github.

Made with ❤️ by Caffeina

October 2020

The bundle contains 2 brush set divided by their base shapes: circle and ellipse.
There are 3 main types of brushes (outline only, 3d and big 3d), and for each one we have some modifiers (X1, X2...) representing the different stroke width.

You can download it here

Development / October 2020

Not for the Men, Nor for the Sea is an Interactive Trailer, during which you can look around and discover some clues about the whole experience, that will be released gradually. Prepare yourself for a journey where you will discover what turned Earth into a surface of water where dreams and hopes are imprisoned with human beings inside temples spread around solitary places embraced by the seas.

Development / October 2020

Route Fifty is a Caffeina R&D project conceived to experiment with the creative process of an interactive game. It is meant to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landing on the Moon and the strength and determination shown by Michael Collins during his incredible endeavour.

Development / October 2020

gUmi is an open source simple tool that can be useful for people that use many different git platforms. You can manage infinite git profiles with one click and select which profile to use to commit and push your code changes.
You can download it here