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Digital characters

More or less real people, represented in a more or less faithful way through digital drawing techniques.

My reflections on contemporaneity and on human beings, entrusted to the morphological representation of the identity of the Other, in the form of vectors and pixels.

Digital characters / October 2020

Monoboy is a collection of quick drawings of simple characters with big ears and small, empty eyes.

They represent what is happening in our world, people no longer look at reality through their eyes but through what TV or fake news tell them

Digital characters / October 2020

Pokemon, exotic animals, dinosaurs and various oddities. Nowadays augmented reality experiments are very fashionable. They enrich our existence with technically admirable eccentricities, but not always indispensable or useful.

How would your friends' faces be after being processed by a hypothetical Instagram filter or an AR app called "Bad Boys"?

Frieds of mine would be fantastic, as always. They would keep on being the best friends ever and I bet it would be the same for anyone else who would use this app.