Who is La Volpe?

La Volpe is my nickname over the last 12 years, I use for all my stuff, from code to the artistic production.

In spare time, I love to experiment, push myself to the limits of my comfort zone then find myself in it again, but with more space.

The best challenges are those who I face with my friends and travel fellows, cause it's better in company!

Drawing, colours and love for letters stuck to me for more than 10 years, along with music and technology, which I can never miss!

I love doing things myself (DIY ever), like print my t-shirts, code my modules and build my pen plotter, I think that this approach give me more gratification.

I’m part of a very beautiful collective, Burro, with which I experiment different types of print like silkscreen and in the main time I’m trying to figure out with pen plotting, experimenting different styles and creating my little ecosystem of software.

Awards & recognitions